New Products

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New Products

We can supply a range of new equipment for GPS Guidance and Precision Farming as well as supplying for retrofit a range of Seed Drill Control Units, Baler Control Units, Speed/Area Meters, Joysticks and Hydraulic Valves, Weighing Indicators, Load Cells, Linear Actuators and Motors, Grain Loss Monitors, Sprayer Control Units and Fertiliser Control Units. In addition, various Sensors, Plugs, Switches, and Connectors can be supplied.


A small selection of products we supply, please contact us for more information:


The Upgradable Precision Farming Guidance Solution

TRACK-Guide II is a low entry-level price all-rounder in steering systems. The functions of the TRACK-Guide II allow the terminal to be used anywhere, not only for parallel tracking but also as an ISOBUS machine control system.

Future-proofed thanks to APP&GO
Can be expanded for ISOBUS machine control
Less overlapping
Fewer untreated areas
Early warning of obstacles
Work at night or in poor visibility
Ability to work in beds

TRACK-Leader AUTO® eSteer

Enables automatic steering at a low price

TRACK-Leader AUTO® eSteer is a simple retrofit solution, which can be used independently of the fabrication. The steering wheel motor is fitted to the existing steering wheel. Here the compact electric motor directly intervenes into the steering

High precision at a low price
Simple and quick installation
For universal and flexible use
Relieves the driver
Saves resources
Working is possible also at night and in poor visibility
Reduces overlapping


The COMFORT-Terminal is ISOBUS-compatible and meets the highest demands of precision farming. With the ISOBUS-UT app (Universal Terminal) this device meets the ISOBUS 11783 standard and can be used on any machine which complies with this standard, regardless of manufacturer.

Large display
Customised expansion options thanks to APP&GO
One terminal for all machines
Unrestricted visibility in the cab
ISOBUS standardised:
– Control and machine settings
– Reduces downtime, installation and interface problems and calibration processes


SPRAYLIGHT is an operating and control unit, i.e. it combines a display with the operating system and control computer in a single housing, providing excellent value for money. SPRAYLIGHT supports up to 7 boom section settings with the main switch, manual and/or automatic control of application rate and up to 4 hydraulic functions.

Good value for money
Lower costs from application rates and smaller residual volumes
Short-term changes in application volume via +/- keys in 10% increments
Alarm function if the rate deviates from the specified target value
Data memory for 20 day counters and one total counter

Our customers

Our customers include manufacturers of both electronic equipment and OEM’s, agricultural machinery dealers and farmers, worldwide.

Products Serviced

The types of products we repair include tractor and combine instrumentation monitors, control units and dash boards, sprayer controls, baler and bale wrapper controls, seed drill controls, electronic weighing indicators and load cells. These products could be fitted to equipment manufactured by Case, Agco, Massey Ferguson, Renault, Kverneland, New Holland, Accord, Hispec, and Keenan to name a few.